Guest Spots on National Networks

In today's changing media climate, there is one thing that remains true for industry and thought leaders. There is nothing more effective than gaining access to a national platform. Message2Media's competitive advantage includes taking clients from strategy development to network television exposure. M2M works with segment producers and bookers who have hours of programming to fill - and the clock ticking. But bookers won't just put anybody on the air. Message2Media has the journalistic experience to know how the news cycle affects booking and we pitch ideas and guests who are perfectly timed and highly qualified. As relationships develop, the bookers contact US for the exact clients they want. You and your company could be the answer to the problem producers face every day finding guests.

Strategic Message Development

What good is it to go on TV if you don't have a message to deliver? And what good is an appearance if you can't get the most out of it with social media and other channels of distribution? We help you do both: develop a message and get it out there! Starting out on a rock solid foundation is the key to long-term success. In every business, making sure the message hits your target and draws your Ideal client to you for purchase is the key. Message2Media offers Ideal Client Messaging workshops that result in: a full portrait of your Primary and Secondary Ideal Clients, their objections, concerns and primary motivation to purchase. From this, we can craft the complete array of traditional and social media strategies, recommend brand story and content development and a variety of other methods - like video - designed to capture market share and grow your business through multiple platforms from social media to television.

Media Training for Multiple Platforms

Message2Media provides media training from journalists with more than 40 years of combined experience so that on-air appearances are successful.  We help our clients make the best use of their television time so that their brand or message gets across in the most effective way. Some clients just want help improving their social media presentations.